Frequently Asked Questions

It is an official record of a student’s entire academic record at the University. It reflects all course grades in the order of the term of study term, including credit transfers accepted by the University and graduation details.
Any current or past USP student who has academic records with the University may request for an official academic transcript as well as an alumnus of the University of the South Pacific. Do note that conditions will apply.
You can only make a request for one official academic transcript at a time. For any additional copies, you will be required to create separate requests for each.
If you have been placed on financial hold for fees owing to the University, you do not have the privilege to request for an official academic transcript. You will be required to clear any outstanding fee first before you are allowed to make a request.
If your student account is on hold for either academic or disciplinary matters, you can still make a request for your official academic transcript simply by following the payment and application procedures already in place.
There are three available payment options to choose from:
  • USP Cashier at Laucala campus
  • Cash payment is available at the Laucala campus and is the recommended form of payment for an official academic transcript. Take note of the Receipt Number as this will be required when you make a request.The USP cashier is located right next to the USP Westpac Bank branch.

  • Online Payment using USP Pay System
  • Click on this Pay USP Link - follow through with the instructions and proceed with your online payment. Please note any additional bank charges you may incur must be covered in your overall payment done online. Any short payment will result in your application being placed on hold.

  • Payment at any other USP Regional campus
  • Cash payment is available at any of USP's other regional campuses. Take note that a colored, scanned copy of Receipt will need to be uploaded when you make a request.
When you make your request online, you are required to select the collection method that best suits you. In summary the two main methods are as follows:
  • Personal Collection
  • Once your academic transcript is ready for pick up, you can personally collect from the Student Services at SAS during normal opening hours. You must have a valid identification card with you along with your receipt during collection. If you select a third party member to collect on your behalf, you must ensure that an authorization letter is given to the person and that he or she has a valid identification card.

  • Registered Postal Mail
  • If you select this option, you must ensure that you provide a valid postal address whether it is to be sent directly to you or a third party. The registered article number will be updated on the “track your order” link once the postage is done.
The normal processing timeline for an official academic transcript is seven to ten business days excluding shipping time; however, this may vary during the section’s busy period which is normally at the start and end of the semester(s).
Yes, provided you have the supporting legal documentations that support your new legal name. You must submit a request for change in personal details along with certified copies of either one of the following documents listed:
  • Birth certificate;
  • Biodata page of passport
  • Marriage certificate
  • Copy of deed of poll paper
  • Divorce decree ( with the proper authorization for the name change)
No, if you graduated under a different name, the records on our student information system will be used as is. It will then be your responsibility to get a deed of poll done to confirm your former identity with your new identity.